Reconstructive surgery

Get your confidence back thanks to our surgical procedures

Reconstructive surgery

Get your confidence back thanks to our surgical procedures

Reconstruct those areas of the body that, for various reasons, have suffered some deformation, returning them to their original function.

QUIRESTETICA reconstructive surgery is carried out by highly specialized physicians with specific knowledge and mastery of different surgical techniques.

Breast reconstruction

The breast reconstruction procedure allows breasts to be recreated if the patient has undergone a mastectomy or breast removal.

The main aim of current techniques is to create breasts that look completely natural and symmetrical.

In other cases it is preferable to wait for a while before reconstruction, always depending on the diagnosis.

The surgical process can be performed by inserting an expander that dilates the tissues progressively until the desired volume is achieved, before fitting a permanent implant.

Another option is to use tissue from other parts of the body, such as the back (latissimus dorsi muscle) or abdomen.


Hand reconstructive surgery

Includes surgery for tendon, nerve and vascular injuries to the hand, as well as amputations; surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome; Dupuytren’s contracture; trigger finger, nerve palsy and wrist and forearm surgery.

Skin and soft tissue tumours

Surgical removal of warts, birthmarks (spots), lipomas, xantelasma, basal cell and spinocellular carcinoma, melanomas, as well as other skin tumours.

Depending on their aetiology, these lesions will be removed with the maximum safety margins and with the best reconstructive option to achieve the best cosmetic results.

Burn repair surgery

This includes the treatment of areas affected by burns which, depending on their degree, aetiology and size will be treated for conservation, using antibiotic creams or special dressings (for more surface burns), or by covering with skin grafts (for deeper burns).

There are also surgical options for the treatment the consequences of burns, such as the release of retracted scars.

Scar corrective surgery

Many scars can be improved by cosmetic treatment using methods other than surgery, but on other occasions surgery is the best option.

A scar general becomes more mature over time, meaning that it is more stable six months after it is caused.

Possible technical solutions without surgery include the use of creams, silicone sheets, corticosteroid injections and the use of pressotherapy, laser, etc.

Sometimes the best solution is to surgically remove the scar. The best cosmetic and functional solution for a scar depends on what caused it, its location, prior treatments and its current state, as well as the patient’s expectations.

At QUIRESTETICA we know that undergoing any procedure is a very important decision. This is why we offer you the most advanced techniques with highly trained personnel and the best surgeons.

Put yourself in the hands of the most professional physicians at QUIRESTETICA.

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