Cosmetic Surgery

The confidence of being in the best hands

Cosmetic Surgery

The confidence of being in the best hands

At QUIRESTETICA we know how essential it is to feel good about yourself.

Our cosmetic surgery treatments for the breast, body and face all have something in common: they are designed to make you feel comfortable with your body.



We offer a wide range of cosmetic breast surgery services: augmentation, reduction, lifting…

Ensure that all aspects of your needs are met, always in the knowledge that you’re in the best hands.

Breast augmentation surgery

Breast augmentation, also called augmentation mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure that attempts to improve the size and silhouette of the female bust.

It can be used as a purely cosmetic procedure, or to supplement reconstructive breast surgery.

When it comes to shape, there are two types of implants: classic round-shaped implants and anatomical implants, whose shape is similar to natural breasts and that provide more natural results.

Surgery takes between 1 and 1.5 hours.

When complete, the patient is given a compression bandage that must be worn for 24 hours.

Breasts are usually swollen for about 3-5 weeks, and it is even normal for them to be bruised for the first few days.

Breast lift surgery

Mastopexy is a surgical procedure to lift and improve the shape of sagging breasts.

Over the years, breasts tend to sag as a result of circumstances such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, the force of gravity and significant weight loss. Also, as the skin loses its elasticity, the breast loses its shape and sags.

An implant can also be fitted when breasts start to sag or lose volume. A bandage or special bra has to be worn after surgery. The bandage is removed on the day after the surgery and a special bra is fitted, which must be worn for one month.

It should be understood that Mastopexy surgery leaves permanent visible scars, although they can be hidden under a bra or bikini.

Breast reduction surgery

This surgery is intended for women with very large and sagging breasts. It is also suitable for breasts that are out of proportion to the rest of the body, and for women who find the volume of their breasts uncomfortable or hard to manage.

Excessive breast volume not only causes body image adaptation problems, but also objective physical problems such as back and neck pain. Many breast reduction techniques are available and must be adapted to each particular case. The aim is always to adapt the breasts to suit the patient’s body, and to balance them.

During the first appointment, you should make sure you tell the physician about your expectations and your main concerns and problems. During this appointment your breasts will be examined and measured and you’ll be given a thorough explanation of the type of surgery that is best for you and what it would consist of.

The operation is always performed in a hospital and almost always under general anaesthetic. The length of the operation depends on the degree of breast hypertrophy, but is normally between 3 and 4 hours. A stay in the clinic of at least 24 hours is recommended.

Tuberous breast corrective surgery

Tuberous breast is a shape that a breast can acquire as it develops during adolescence.

It consists of insufficient development of the lower part of the breast, in many cases with a certain amount of drooping and gland herniation through the areola, which tends to have an excessive diameter.

The only treatment for this is surgery, requiring the full remodelling of the gland.

Tuberous breasts are much more than just a cosmetic problem, they are a deformity and good surgery can achieve a spectacular result.

Male gynecomastia

Gynecomastia refers to an over-development of the male breast.
Although this problem is not often mentioned, it currently impacts 40-60% of men and can affect one or both breasts. The operation consists of removing fat and glandular tissue from the breasts, resulting in a flat, firm, and well-contoured chest. If you are a healthy man, have completed your hormonal development and have elastic and firm skin, you are a good candidate.

If you are overweight, it is important to first try to correct the problem with exercise or weight loss, before going for male breast reduction surgery.

Enlarged breasts in men can be corrected under general anaesthetic, or in some cases under local anaesthetic and sedation. Patients remain in the hospital for between 6 and 24 hours.

After the reduction surgery you’ll feel some discomfort for a few days. However, the discomfort can be controlled with appropriate medication.
The end result of male breast reduction surgery is completely satisfactory and permanent.



Give your body the look that you’ve always dreamed of. A figure that makes you feel comfortable and secure; a silhouette to give you more confidence in yourself…

Put your beauty in the best hands of the doctors at QUIRESTETICA.


Abdominoplasty is a major surgical procedure aimed at removing excess skin and fat from the middle and lower abdomen and to strengthen the abdominal wall muscles.

This situation of excess skin and relaxation of the abdominal wall usually occurs in patients who have experienced weight gain and subsequent weight loss, and in women who have gone through several pregnancies.

Abdominoplasty achieves a flatter, firmer abdomen and a narrower waist. The operation is performed under general anaesthetic. After the operation the patient wears a special girdle, strengthened with a bandage, depending on each individual case.
You may be a good candidate for abdominoplasty if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Excess or sagging abdominal skin.
  • Protruding abdomen, out of proportion to the rest of your body.
  • Weakened abdominal muscles due to pregnancy or age.
  • Excess accumulated fat below the skin of the abdomen.


Liposuction is particularly recommended for people with a normal weight but with isolated areas of concentrated fat, if these areas are out of proportion in comparison to the rest of the body. These localized areas are almost always hereditary and it’s impossible to get rid of the fat with diet of exercise. Therefore the only way to combat it is liposuction.

You will be a good candidate for liposuction if the fat is localized or you want a reshaping of any of the following body parts:
Cheeks, chin or neck, upper arms, chest, back, abdomen and waist etc.

  • How is liposuction performed?
    The fat is sucked out through a think cannula connected to an aspirator with a tube, through one or more tiny incisions around the area to be operated on.
    · When can I go back to my daily activities?
    This varies with every type of surgery, but there are huge differences between people when it comes to recovery times from this surgery in particular.
    – How long will the results last?
    Liposuction results are permanent, as long as you maintain your post-op weight. Even if you gain a few extra pounds you will find that the weight will distribute itself more around the body, rather than in the places where it used to build up in the past.


Liposculpture attempts to achieve a more harmonious distribution of body fat. Liposuction, lipofilling and injections of your own fat are used for this purpose.

Adipose tissue is extracted from areas where it is not wanted (crotch, hips, back, waist, buttocks, arms…) to recover or create beautiful body curves, to make the body more slender and return it to an aesthetically pleasing shape. After purification, this fat is injected back into the areas that you want to enhance or fill out.

A local anaesthetic is generally used in combination with sedation, or a regional or general anaesthetic, which are very well tolerated and give excellent results.

Liposculpture gives permanent or long-lasting results if body weight is properly maintained.

Thigh lift

This is recommended for patients who have undergone bariatric surgery or experienced significant weight gain and have a large amount of poor quality excess skin. Simple liposuction is not sufficient in this case, as this skin does not have good retraction capacity.

The procedure requires hospitalisation for 24 hours and the use of a soft compressive elastic garment for one month. The procedure is enhanced during the post-op period by massages and pressotherapy.

Arm lift

Recommended for patients with excess fat and particularly a large amount of excess skin.

We only perform this procedure in cases where there is major sagging of the skin. The operation is non-aggressive and requires a day in hospital. It is normally performed with intravenous sedation controlled by an anaesthesiologist, and local anaesthetic.

It is normally necessary to wear pressure sleeves for a month to hold the tissues in place.

Buttock enhancement

This can be done with two techniques. The choice of one or the other depends on the patient’s individual characteristics, their preferences and the surgeon’s opinion:

-Buttock enhancement with an implant or gluteoplasty is a procedure performed under general anaesthetic that gives amazing results. How the implant is inserted and positioned depends on each patient’s anatomy. During the post-op period it is very important to rest and avoid supporting the body directly on the buttocks for 2 or 3 weeks.

Buttock augmentation with fat consists of extracting fat from different areas where there is a surplus and placing it in areas where there is a shortage. This procedure is very commonly used to permanently enhance the buttocks.

The final result can be seen after 6 months when between 30-40% of the fat has been reabsorbed. A larger amount of fat is therefore initially injected, taking into account the amount of fat that will be reabsorbed.

You only need to wait 1-2 weeks before returning to your normal activities

Vaginal surgery

The most commonly performed procedures are the reduction of the labia minora or the enhancement of the labia majora, either separately of with a combination of both techniques.

  • Reduction of the labia minora:
    This procedure reduces the size of the labia minora in patients where they are overgrown. The patient must rest for a week, after which she may recommence her normal daily activities. The scars virtually disappear after a few months and patients find the aesthetic result to be very pleasing.
  • Enhancement of the labia majora:
    This is done using a lipofilling or fat injection technique. The fat is obtained by liposuction of the pubis, abdomen or waist area. This fat is injected into the labia majora, to give them more volume and turgidity, achieving the rejuvenation of this area. Relative rest of 1 or 2 weeks is required during the post-op period, after which daily activities can be recommenced.



QUIRESTETICA has extensive experience in performing cosmetic facial surgery treatments.

We have a great team of qualified professionals and the latest technology, so we can offer you the most innovative techniques for achieving the desired results.


Blepharoplasty is surgery to correct the bags of fat in the lower eyelids, excess skin that causes the upper eyelids to droop or fat that accumulates around the eyes. These features give the patient an appearance of tiredness and ageing, which doesn’t match their actual situation. Candidates are women and men over 40 years of age, who have excess skin or fat on their eyelids but an otherwise good facial structure.

A blepharoplasty operation usually takes around 1 hour for the upper or lower eyelids only, and 2 hours for the 4 eyelids.

Post-op period:
Surgery can be performed on an outpatient basis, or with a stay of a few hours at the clinic. Along with anti-inflammatory painkillers, patients are prescribed ice and eye drops, as well as an ophthalmic ointment. They are advised to avoid physical effort during the first 3-4 days.

Face lift

Face lifts are a highly customised procedure. At your first appointment your surgeon will examine your face, skin quality and bone structure and will tell you about the possibilities offered by this type of cosmetic surgery.

The medical team will give you all the instructions you need to prepare for the operation, including aspects such as nutrition and whether you should take or avoid certain medications or vitamins.

Face lifts must be performed at a medical centre. In some cases it can be done on an outpatient basis, but most need local anaesthetic and sedation, requiring a hospital stay of one or two days.

In general, the surgeon separates the skin from the fat and the underlying muscle.

There is no major discomfort after this cosmetic surgery, but any pain can be relieved by medication prescribed by your surgeon. The results are usually excellent and you’ll be delighted with your face lift, particularly if you’re aware that the final results are not immediately apparent.

Frontal lift

During your first appointment your surgeon will ask you about your expectations, examine the structure of your face and discuss the possibilities with you. You will also be told about factors that can influence the result, such as the positioning of eyebrows, forehead wrinkles and frown lines, and excess skin on the eyelids and nasal bridge.

You will also be informed about the surgical techniques, the anaesthetic, where the cosmetic surgery will be performed and its risks and costs. Endoscopic frontal lifts normally take around 2 hours, before the desired results are achieved. After the operation you will stay in hospital until the next morning. You must sleep on your back and with your head slightly raised to improve drainage.

You can be sure that with each passing day your face will look better and you’ll feel more upbeatAfter a few weeks it won’t look like any surgery has been performed. Healing is a slow and gradual process, and some internal scars may be noticeable for months, particularly around the eye. The final results of an endoscopic frontal lift are seen after three months.

Nose surgery, rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is surgery to correct the shape or size of the nose.

It is the most common cosmetic surgery procedure. Candidates are men or women over the age of eighteen who wish to improve the harmony of their face by changing the shape or size of their nose, or those who have suffered some type of nasal trauma or respiratory problems .

The surgery is normally performed under general anaesthetic and can last anywhere from 1h 30 min to 2-3 hours, depending on the need for septoplasty or grafts, and whether it is a primary or secondary case. The patient will leave the operating room with a small splint and packing that will last between two and four days. The nasal splint is removed after one week or a maximum of ten days. The patient can go back to work relatively quickly, after approximately 2 weeks.

Ear surgery, otoplasty

Otoplasty is surgery performed to correct prominent ears to a more normal position, closer to the head, or to reduce the size of large ears.

It is generally surgery that is performed on children between the ages of 4 and 14.Ears have almost completely finished growing by the age of 4 years, so this surgery can be performed whenever the child wishes. Otoplasty can also be performed on adults and usually takes between 1 and 2 hours, although it can take longer in some cases.

Post-op period:

The patient will stay under control in the clinic for the first 12/24 hours, on the appropriate medication. The ears are checked after 2-3 days and a softer bandage is applied. The bandage and stitches are removed after a week and the use of a wide headband is recommended for a few more days, and for a month when sleeping.

At QUIRESTETICA, our passion is to help you look and feel good by creating and personalising effective cosmetic medical treatments that meet your needs.

The latest technology at the service of your beauty

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