Our clinic

QUIRESTETICA is a cosmetics clinic located in the heart of Marbella

Our clinic

QUIRESTÉTICA is a cosmetics clinic located in the heart of Marbella

At QUIRESTÉTICA, our passion is to help you look and feel good by creating and personalising effective cosmetic medical treatments that meet your needs.

Visit QUIRESTÉTICA with peace of mind, knowing that you are in the safe and professional hands of our surgeons and nurses, who are trained to use some of the latest and most advanced aesthetic dermatology technologies.

We believe in building a lifelong relationship with you. We cater to your beauty needs at every stage and milestone of your life.

Join us in our QUIRESTETICA experience and get the best out of yourself.

Put yourself in the hands of the most professional physicians at QUIRESTETICA:

Dr. Roberto Pizzamiglio

Cosmetic surgeon

A Medicine and Surgery graduate from the Università degli Studi di Pavia – Italy in 1986, he settled in Marbella in 1997.

Dr. Antonio Rivera

Plastic, cosmetic and restorative surgeon.

Dr. Antonio Rivera has extensive surgical experience and is always at your service. He is always at the cutting edge of new technologies applied to surgical techniques.



We perform combined surgeries in a single operation for your benefit.

Because feeling good about yourself is key.



We offer the best and latest technology that we use to treat cosmetic problems with ease, convenience and precision.



QUIRESTETICA repair surgery is effective, comfortable and precise, taking care of the problems that affect our body shape and / or function.

At QUIRESTETICA we know that undergoing any procedure is a very important decision. This is why we offer you the most advanced techniques with highly trained personnel and the best surgeons.

We give you the confidence of knowing that you are in the best possible hands.

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